Our Brands

Logo El Avión

El Avión

Under this Brand we commercialize our best selection of saffron, parika spices, seasonigs and herbal teas. As well as our popular paella kit

Logo El Aeroplano

El Aeroplano

Under this trademark is marketed food colouring only. It is marketed in the following formats: small box with 10 bags, jar, plastic container, PET container special to the catering industry

Logo La Cadena

La Cadena

Under this trademark saches of food colouring

cartel vintage el aeroplano, azafrán

In 1918, José Maria Gomez Mira, with the Brand "El Aeroplano", initiated a very special journey through the senses.

Along with the brands "El Avión" and "La Cadena",he set the foundations that have allowed us to prepare thousands of aromas and thousands of flavours impregnated with his original spirit.

Start here your own journey....

About Us

cartel antiguo de azafrán el aeroplano
cartel antiguo de azafrán el aeroplano
cartel antiguo de azafrán el aeroplano
cartel antiguo de azafrán el aeroplano
cartel antiguo de azafrán el aeroplano

ESPECIAS EL AVION, is a food company specializing in the packaging , marketing and distribution of spices , saffron , rice , olive oil infusions, herbal , salt, seasoning blends and spices specific for unique foods such as Paella. Based in Novelda , Alicante and with over 90 years of experience operating in the market. It also has a second line of business based on collaboration with other companies in the food sector and whose primary objective is the synergy with other food companies to research and develop products jointly looking for added value.

In these nearly 100 years in the food industry , our society , through its three brands EL AEROPLANO, LA CADENA y EL AVION,, has managed to form a large group of food with very good results thanks to an excellent portfolio and a magnificent vision to develop projects in the short, medium and long term. As this ensuring the continuity of these good results in the future.

cartel antiguo de azafrán el aeroplano

The organizational excellence is one of our main attributes. In addition to our philosophy that consists on optimal search and selection of raw materials, dynamic management and offering our customers a better service every day, makes our core.

Strategic management is also a key for us and for our future development. Especially for a company that strives for excellence in all areas and that , coupled with the knowledge and experience that our company has obtained from the market in so many years makes implementation, monitoring and subsequent control of our products in a new market so much better.

The main virtues of our company are:

  • Founded in 1918 , millions of products have been manufactured and marketed, demonstrating throughout our history in a very solid and consistent manner, the strength of our company.
  • An extraordinary and increasingly extensive portfolio of clients ensuring sustainable growth.
  • Since 1995 , our commitment to internationalization , has placed our products on the five continents. Today, our brands are in more than 40 countries.
  • Certification ISO 9000 and IFS, which shows our deep commitment to quality and improvement of production processes.
  • Our products : our commitment to the highest quality in the content and in the updating, design and evolution of the packaging. In short , it is all a reflection of the philosophy and current policy of the company based on what we call 'Total Quality'.
  • Our brands, the efforts, confidence and entrepreneurial dynamism of people that have constituted and constitute the human capital of our organization and the millions of consumers that every day trust them and our customers.
  • Our production capacity: continued investment in the most sophisticated machinery. We have achieved almost complete automation of all our production processes and production with a capacity of over 100,000 items a day.

All these magnitudes are the summary of our proposal, which aims to show the path we want to continue traveling together. We continue traveling through the senses...